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How to meet Ukrainian women? Matchmaking or dating?

What the difference between dating sites and matchmaker services? To begin with, matchmaking is an individual and integrated approach. Where the owner of the agency meets the client personally, provides all contact details and is available 24/7. He works for his own name and reputation, therefore, of course, he values all who contacted the agency. This is a comprehensive approach of a professional matchmaker, coach and personal manager, in order to take into account all the needs of the client and choose him a really suitable partner. In some cases, this is a long-term work of a psychologist, which helps to get out of those settings that prevent the client from building a happy family life. This is a lot of work done, a lot of profiles have been interviewed, and many hours have been spoken out face-to-face with the client, heart-to-heart conversations in order to better understand the client and his wishes. This is a personal accompaniment from the application, to the wedding, and if necessary, even after. And with some clients, in the end, this is not just work, but even friendship. This is work for the soul and it is not suitable for everyone... What is dating? This is a lot profiles of women posted on the site. There you choose with whom to communicate on your own and take full responsibility for yourself! Basically, this is a choice referring to a picture, a photo of a woman. Of course, the photo will not convey her character, attitudes to life and relationships. It's like a lottery, if you're lucky - after some time of chats and correspondence you will meet her and maybe it will end with a happy end. Many men think that dating is cheaper, so they choose this direction. But if you put together the whole amount that you will pay for each letter, chat and meeting. Often, this is certainly not with one girl, and often chats do not end with anything and come to naught. That basically it turns out much more expensive than turning to a professional matchmaker. I have nothing against dating if there is no deception. This is everyone’s choice and I respect it. I just want the man to understand the difference. These are really not similar directions, and I think before starting the search, a man should analyze the pros and cons and choose one for himself. Do not scatter the attention of many agencies and sites, because for the most part this does not lead to anything good. And if you already chose matchmaking, carefully approach the choice of who you can trust, open up and interact 100% In any case, I wish everyone a lot of love! https://man.kamilaagency.com/ Take care of yourself! With love Elena