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Why is mutual trust in the matchmaking process so important?

Hello, my dear! My name is Elena Dolinskaya, I am the main matchmaker at the marriage agency Kamila, in the Rivne city.

You know, now there are a lot of topics regarding scam in the field of matchmaking and online dating. And yes, this is really true and this is a big problem that spoils the reputation for the right and professional agencies.

But today I do not want to talk about this. The level of trust varies not only in relation to agencies, but also in relation to clients.

A lot of men start working with us with the phrases: Can I really trust you? After all, I was deceived in the previous agency. I got burned many times and now I am very carefully approaching the choice of a matchmaker. Are your girls really interested?.. And so on ... And I understand them, I understand their fear, some stories cause sympathy, and some anger at grief-agencies.

But you know, after working with some clients, I also had a lot of questions. Are you really interested in a serious relationships? Are you looking for a life partner or for a cook and a cleaning lady for your home? Some men confuse matchmaking service with escort services. But our women are not registering in order to become your entertainment during a trip to Ukraine!

Some men think that if he is a citizen of the United States or a developed European country, then any girl will immediately open her arms and fly with him to an overseas country. Indeed, in Ukraine, we suffer so much and dream of only one thing - to leave rather in a happy life. The same applies to men who, at age 60, naively believe that a beautiful, educated woman of 25-30 years old only dreams of marrying him and loving all his children and grandchildren.

But after all, the girls who decided to marry a foreigner are not desperate Ukrainians who do not enjoy the attention of worthy men, did not build a happy life in Ukraine and decided that to go abroad is their only chance. Basically, these are self-sufficient women who like to travel, learn languages, different cultures and traditions, with an open mind, they consider all the possibilities of finding a life partner without limits within the borders. And an agency for them is an additional opportunity, but not the last chance!

Some men send 15-year-old photos and reduce their age, believing that the matchmaker will not notice the difference during a Skype interview. And there are those who, being married, plan to have a lover, a beautiful Ukrainian, to whom you can fly on vacation.

There are many examples. And although mostly our experience is positive and we adore our customers, there have been cases that made me think. And why the indignation is only in the direction of grief agencies, but we do not say how the men sometimes try to deceive normal agencies and do not think at all that by doing so, they can harm the reputation of this agency. After all, we should think not only about you, but also about our female clients. Let's talk about mutual trust !!! 

What men does our agency work with:

  1. Who is sincere in their intentions;
  2. Who sends us only reliable information;
  3. Who respects women;
  4. Who appreciates the work of agency employees, because we really try for all of our clients, whether male or female;
  5. Who is willing to cooperate, interact and work with us to build relationships.

When I see sincere interest and cooperation, I want to help this person with all my heart, because this is really an unforgettable feeling to help people find love!

Therefore, if you belong to the category of romantic men who are ready to cover thousands of kilometers, pick up Ukrainian wife here and start a happy new life with her, welcome to the Kamila agency :-)

Take care of yourself!

Kind regards