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Seminar for women with Irena Sluta (Rivne city)

Why go to seminars, trainings?

Why listen to what is very common, do we all already know?

All that we need is always in ourselves, we just need to be able to use it, appreciate it and enjoy it to the fullest, and not wait for just a little more and then I will be a fully happy person.

A huge flame can ignite from a small spark, which accidentally can fall on a dry sheet. One phrase or one thought that sounded among other things, may be the spark that ignites your fire in an instant. Or it can work by the method of accumulation, by small imperceptible steps, and in a year you will be radically different person.

Very often, we feel full and motivated after the next read book, after the next video on youtube, after the next seminar or webinar we are attending.

At such events, you can hear a lot of necessary information, recharge your mind and get a lot of cool emotions and sensations, listen to a variety of interesting thoughts that can be in tune with you or be the exact opposite of your internal code, but both will come in handy.

The benefits of such events are certainly great and this is very clearly visible in the mood of our guests.

Thanks to everyone who came and see you soon!