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Welcome to Ukrainian and Russian marriage agency — Kamila Agency!

It is possible to find Russian or Ukrainian women in the US, Great Britain or Ireland, as many people emigrate. But the majority of our male clients face two main problems:

  1. It is hard to find single Russian women that are ready for marriage.
  2. Slavic women that have lived a long time abroad are ‘Americanized’ and become less traditional but more career-oriented feminists.

Do you want to meet real Ukrainian or Russian women, but you’re afraid of scam or rip-off?

  1. Are you tired of scam profiles of models on the majority of dating websites?
  2. Do you want to save on services of overpriced US and European websites that just collaborate with local agencies?
  3. Do you wish to find a legitimate, scam-free Russian and Ukrainian marriage agency with proven expertise?

Ukrainian and Russian matchmaking agency Kamila has a more efficient way to meet Slavic women — a special Search Program from our cupids. We offer an individual approach, where you choose with the help of personal assistance and guidance from our expert matchmakers from a pool of over 120,000 preselected women. The benefit for you is less rejection, no wasted time and fewer expenses on endless online chatting. All girls in the Ukrainian/Russian marriage agency are interested only in serious relationships and are ready for marriage. All of them go through an in-person interview before signing up with us. Read more about Ukrainian and Russian brides!

Meet gorgeous, family-oriented, single Ukrainian women and women from Russia with a trustworthy matchmaking service!

How does Ukrainian/Russian marriage site differ from matchmaking?

What differs between matchmaking and Ukrainian and Russian dating sites is the process of selecting suitable dates. With a personal matchmaker, you are not choosing a girl based on surface-level criteria. The specialist is analyzing, choosing and vetting singles on your behalf, and you only meet quality matches.

It’s real to find a partner through Ukrainian or Russian matchmaking site

When you use a Russian or Ukrainian dating site, it is harder to have an identity check, let alone intentions. Often, people are trying to only show their best selves on online profiles. But a professional matchmaker gives an entirely different perspective. With experience in dating and psychology, preselected dates are personalized to suit your specific needs and goals.

Russian/Ukrainian matchmakers can help you filter out anyone who doesn’t match you because they communicate with both sides and know about all relationship preferences. Also, they get to know both you and potential candidates before actually suggesting a date. Ukrainian and Russian matchmaking specialists have professional skills to read people and determine if someone is on the same page.

If you still wonder how Matchmaking and Online Dating differs, here are five main reasons to invest in a pro matchmaker:

  1. Safety. By choosing personal Ukrainian and Russian matchmaking agencies, you get access to a strictly checked database of pretty Russian women. There are no total strangers, as each girl is personally interviewed before signing with the agency.
  2. Only serious intentions. Usually, agencies have a fee that women are willing to pay. That is a good indicator that they are serious about meeting a partner for life.
  3. Forget about ghosting. After a date, the matchmaker gets feedback to determine whether both clients are interested in continuing the relationship. If any of them is not, the matchmaker makes the letting down process easy, as there is no ghosting that leaves you wondering what’s wrong.
  4. You meet genuine girls. According to statistics, the majority of people lie on dating profiles. People tend to want to appear younger, better, wealthier. But with a matchmaking agency, each client is met in person. So, profiles state only what members really are. So at the end of the day, the dating process feels like a friend introducing you to their friend.
  5. All private info stays confidential. Your personal data or other information that you share with the agency is strictly confidential, which means that no one will share it or even find out that you’re looking for love unless you share that.

Why should you consider looking for a wife through a Ukrainian/Russian matchmaking agency?

Regardless if you have already considered this idea, or it’s something new for you, either way, here are some key reasons to date Russian and Ukrainian beauties.

  1. Both in Russia and Ukraine, there is a demographic imbalance, meaning that women outnumber men. That makes local men quite spoiled with beauty around as they have a lot of choices. And sadly, they fail in treating their stunning women properly. What does it mean for you? Put in some effort and it will go a long way!
  2. There is still societal pressure on women to marry in their early 20s. If you’re ready for a serious commitment and done with the endless dates that never go where you want, then dating a girl openly ready for marriage is what you need. A partner should be both right and ready so that both of you share the intentions of building a long-term relationship and settling down.
  3. Stunning beauty is not the only thing Slavic women have up their sleeves, as they are known to be well-educated and honest. Such qualities-combo is quite rare in modern dating. The straightforwardness of Russian and Ukrainian women is refreshing as they won’t sugarcoat her emotions and feelings, which is real honesty. Besides, those ladies are also extremely loyal, proud of their motherland, culture and family. You’ll get the same loyalty and support even when times get tough.

Why Beautiful Russian/Ukrainian Girls Will Want to Date You?

  1. Western men are known for bringing stability, both from a financial and security standpoint. It doesn’t mean you should start flashing your money. But knowing that, you can pay extra attention to show that you are capable of providing for the comfortable life of your future family.
  2. Many Russian women seeking men from abroad are willing to leave their home country for love. That is why if your life and career are established, you don’t need to worry about big changes. Well, of course, you may decide that Russia or Ukraine is where you should build your future, but knowing that your partner is flexible is always nice. While she’ll always love her country, her willingness to change her life to be with you is an excellent example of loyalty and commitment to your relationship.


Why should you choose Kamila Agency?

Professional Ukrainian and Russian matchmaking service, Kamila Agency is the leader in the niche. The dating agency has connected thousands of western singles with gorgeous Ukrainian and Russian women. If you are looking for Ukrainian or Russian singles for friendship, dating, or serious relationships, Kamila Agency is the place to go.

The dating community on Kamila Agency consists of members looking for more than a hookup or a casual relationship, but Ukrainian and Russian women looking for love and ready for commitment. Because our users are serious with their intentions, they know exactly what they are looking for in a future partner. With such a mentality, our success rate is constantly growing as we create more and more new couples. So let us help you find your perfect match!
Premium International Matchmaking Service for Meeting Ukrainian & Russian women

Kamila Agency cooperates with the best matchmakers in the country. We are members of the INTERNET DATING CONFERENCE — iDate and Ukrainian Matchmakers Alliance. Our goal is to connect singles worldwide, and we achieve it by bringing Ukraine to you!

We are committed to helping you find the perfect match, regardless of your current location. Sometimes we arrange group meetings (Ukrainian/Russian bride tours) and parties, where our members can meet and get to know each other in a laid-back, fun atmosphere.

How It Works?

  1. Sign up with our matchmaking agency.
  2. Provide truthful information, photos and a list of values, traits that you like in women.
  3. Our cupids select you suitable matches.
  4. We send your profile to a Ukrainian or Russian girl, and if the interest is mutual, we organize a date. Note, if you feel like you want to know more about your date, you can arrange an online meeting before the actual one.

Looking for someone special in bars or waiting for them to cross your path in the cafe could take a long time. With Kamila Agency, you streamline your dating life by choosing from the narrow pool of suitable matches specifically selected for you!

Read more about having a date with Russian/Ukrainian women
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