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Find Ukrainian or Russian bride

Wedding with a Russian bride

Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage are undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous women. No wonder why they are so desirable among foreign men. You can currently see a significant increase in international marriages as so many single guys want to find a gorgeous Russian or Ukrainian bride. No one can resist the unique charms of smart, stunning and caring Ukrainian and Russian girls for marriage.

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What are Ukrainian/Russian brides?

Usually, the term Ukrainian/Russian bride is referred to a woman interested in marriage with Western men and is eager to move to their countries.

Sometimes these ladies are also called Ukrainian/Russian wives as the success level of international relationships is very high and many of them progress to marriage.

Do Ukrainian/Russian brides still exist?

To no surprise, yes!

In post-soviet countries, there is societal pressure for women to create families and have kids at quite an early age.

In fact, Russian and Ukrainian girls for marriage are brought up to seek fulfillment in becoming a wife and a mother. They tend to see it as the only way to become truly happy, that cannot be achieved any other way.

Why are Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage so appealing?

Let’s break down all things and traits that make Western men wish to have Russian and Ukrainian wives:

  • Their stunning appearance, beauty, and fit bodies.
  • Family is usually a top priority of a Russian/Ukrainian wife, and she wishes to have something special with a man who is ready for commitment.
  • Ukrainian/Russian wife knows what she wants and will always support her man to achieve everything he wants.
  • They are great at cooking and running a household.
  • Stunning Ukrainian and Russian wives are very wise. The conversations always flow smoothly, and you can get great advice.
  • Contrary to common believes, Ukrainian/Russian brides speak English quite well, and their accent is charming.

Where can you meet Ukrainian and Russian wives?

First of all, ask yourself a question — why do you want a Ukrainian or Russian bride?

If you dream about a perfect girl who will turn your life into paradise, sorry to upset you, but that is not realistic. With real Russian or Ukrainian women for marriage, you’ll have to take more responsibility than in a relationship with a Western woman. Getting a stunning Russian/Ukrainian bride is not easy too. You will need to face new issues like visas, documents, adaptation process and differences in mentality. But with all said above, a relationship with gorgeous Ukrainian and Russian women is definitely worth it.

If you are sure about creating a family with Ukrainian and Russian girls for marriage, you’ll need to make an effort! Sign up at Kamila Agency for professional matchmaking, and we will find you a suitable partner for life.

What is important for Russian/Ukrainian brides in future partners?

The cultural background of real Russian women and ladies from Ukraine influence their vision of the relationship. They are some things that they might expect from their future husbands.

Attention: Russian/Ukrainian ladies tend to expect their men to pay attention not only to them but to their interests. Therefore, for a happy relationship, you should learn the things your girl loves and do them with her, at least sometimes.

Decision-making: Russian and Ukrainian wives are usually more traditional when it comes to the division of family roles. That is why they see their husbands as the head of the family and expect them to make all important decisions.

Admiration: Russian and Ukrainian girls for marriage love with their ears. That is why your girl will love and appreciate compliments. They pay a lot of attention and always make sure to look at their best, so it's only natural to expect some appreciation for that.

Price of Ukrainian/Russian women for marriage

Going into an international relationship, the service cost of a matchmaking agency is not the only expense you’ll have. There are a few expenses that might be unexpected, but you should know about them. Consider these expenses for an offline date with a Russian or Ukrainian lady:

  • Travel visa. A single entry visa to Russia costs 160 USD, and a visa to Ukraine is 65 USD + 20USD(Consular fee).
  • Tickets to Russia or Ukraine. An average round trip flight from New York starts from 500-600USD.
  • Food. A dinner for two in a nice restaurant in Kyiv or Moscow will be around 40-100 USD.
  • Accommodation. A standard hotel in Kyiv or Moscow is around 90-200 USD for three nights.

If you decide to bring our Ukrainian or Russian girl to the States, you should also consider these expenses:

  • Flight. You will need to spend around 200-300 USD to fly your girl from Kyiv or Moscow to New York.
  • K1 or K3 US citizen visa for fiancé of spouse and related expenses. A K-1 visa costs 265 USD, plus the US Citizenship and Immigration Services fee of 535 USD. A K-3 visa will cost you $325 for the application fee and an additional $120 fee to the National Visa Center.

Thus, there are a few expenses to consider, committing to an international relationship. But regardless of their amount, a happy family, the woman you love is definitely worth it!

Ukrainian and Russian marriage laws

Key law points include:

  1. A marriage in both countries shall be concluded only in the presence of both parties involved. After filing a marriage application, there is an obligatory one-month waiting period that can be changed under some specific circumstances (such as pregnancy and others). Also, in Ukraine since 2016, couples who don’t want to wait a month can use the marriage in 24-hours service for an additional price.
  2. All valid business, student and tourist visas are accepted for registration of marriage in Russia and Ukraine. You must also have a certificate that attests to the right of getting married, issued by your country’s embassy in Russia or Ukraine.
  3. After being married to a citizen for at least three years, you can get Ukrainian or Russian citizenship by marriage through the simplified procedure.
  4. A foreign citizen will need to prepare a few other documents:
    • Certificate of absence of marriage record or court decision on divorce proceedings or spouse death certificate (if applicable)
    • Birth certificate
    • Family composition certificate
    • Certificate of non-impediment that confirms the absence of legal obstacles to getting married.

All documents must have a notarized translation into Russian or Ukrainian and be legalized.

Ukrainian and Russian marriage traditions and customs

Russian wife and American husband

A traditional Russian or Ukrainian wedding can last between two days and a week. The wedding consists of a few parts: civil ceremony, Holy Matrimony (very common) and reception. The celebration usually involves dancing, toasting, singing and a lot of food.

Civil ceremony

The civil ceremony is an official part of marriage, and it takes place at the civil registry office, also known as ZAGS(Russia) and RATS(Ukraine). Family members greet the couple with bread and salt there. The ceremony doesn’t take a lot of time, usually 15-30 minutes. During it, the bride and groom exchange rings and are now legally married.

The civil ceremony’s unusual traditions include breaking two crystal glasses for the years of happiness the couple will spend together. Also, the couple releases either white balloons or two white doves, as the symbol of their love and eternal partnership.


The majority of Russian or Ukrainian people have Eastern Orthodox beliefs. That is why the church ceremony, also known as Holy Matrimony, is usually seen as more important than ring exchange. During this ceremony, the crowns are placed above the heads of the bride and groom. That’s where the name ‘Crowning’ comes from.


Following the civil ceremony and crowning, the newlyweds and witnesses (maids of honor and best men) will travel around the city in a limousine or other expensive car and have a professional photoshoot.


After the official part and a photoshoot comes reception, where newlyweds are greeting all the guests.

Toasting is a big thing, making it one of the unique Russian and Ukrainian marriage traditions. After the first shot, the guests usually begin to shout Gorko or Girko (which means “bitter” in Russian and Ukrainian, respectively). After that, the couple must kiss for a long time, as guests count, for their marriage not to be bitter.

Other traditions include:

  • Toasting and thanks to the parents of both bride and groom.
  • The just-married couple dance is the first dance of the night.
  • It is traditional to have an entertainer, or tamada, who organizes all the fun.

Meeting Ukrainian and Russian brides for marriage

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