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Tips on Dating Ukrainian & Russian Women

Beautiful Russian woman waiting for a date

Traditional dating is hard work, as it is challenging to find someone special who is right and ready. But before you reside yourself to a lifetime seeking a suitable partner and endless dating cycle, check out our page for Ukrainian and Russian dating. You may just find what you’ve been looking for!

Ukrainian & Russian women dating — Kamila Agency Rules

  • If you adore Slavic beauty and want to start Ukrainian or Russian girls dating, you need to contact Kamila Agency, fill out a special questionnaire and send some of your photos;
  • The first Skype consultation with our matchmaker (during it we find out more about your personality, thoughts and Russian or Ukrainian dating preference considering your potential match);
  • Then we prepare the first list of the ladies for you, to understand better what you like and what you want to see in your future partner;
  • Next, we sign a mutual agreement;
  • After that you make the payment for our service, we will make a search for you and approve the final list of your potential matches. You will come to Ukraine to meet Russian women and ladies from Ukraine. We will help you to organize the dates with all of them.

Arranging an online meeting before the real date is also possible. It will help to get more detailed information and a general idea of each other.

Where and how to meet Ukrainian and Russian women?

Nowadays, Ukrainian and Russian women dating is possible in different ways.

The most popular option is when the first date takes place in the girl's country. For example, in Ukraine, we organize dates in Rivne or Kyiv. They usually take place in cozy cafes or restaurants. If you click and you like the girl, then you’ll continue Ukrainian women dating. You can also offer to arrange a date on your territory, or you can go on a joint vacation. Such little trips allow you to get to know each other and create a bond.

Some men prefer to start Ukrainian girls dating by inviting the lady to their home country for the first date. A meeting in any other country of your choice can also be arranged. But note that an agency employee is always going with the girl for her not to be afraid or feel uncomfortable in a new country. In this case, the man covers all the travel expenses. Such option is perfect for businessmen, who cannot fly to Ukraine due to a busy lifestyle, but still want to meet Ukrainian women.

Dating etiquette in Ukraine and Russia

Dating etiquette and approach to love in Russia and Ukraine are not the same as in Western countries. Knowing the cultural peculiarities will help you to avoid misunderstandings and help you to find the key to the heart of beautiful Russian women or Ukrainian ladies.

The first move. Ukrainian and Russian women online tend to be quite traditional when it comes to dating, and generally, they will expect men to make the first move. That might be unusual to Westerns, as local women are easily asking the guy they like on a date, but it is not common in Russia and Ukraine.

A first date scenario. Ukrainian and Russian dating is very similar to Western countries when it comes to first dates. They usually involve going to a nice place to eat and do a lot of talking. For beautiful Ukrainian women and Russian girls, first impressions matter, that is why the venue is likely to be quite fancy. However, as you get to know each other, your dates are likely to become more adventurous. You can explore the sights of the city you are in, or you may end up going to see the opera or ballet.

Dating a Russian/Ukrainian woman tips - How To Make Your Chances Higher

We’ve already covered Russian and Ukrainian online dating basics and handling the first date without crossing any cultural boundaries. Still, there are a few easy-to-follow tips and tricks to make your chances of success even higher.

  1. Dress smart. All women, but especially Ukrainian and Russian beauties, like a man who can put in the effort to look good both for special occasions and day-to-day life. If you are on a chatting stage, you can dress smartly and impress our lady with nice photos. When you go on a first date, remember that the first impressions really matter. Think through your outfit, depending on where you have a date and maybe buying something new or investing in nicely smelling aftershave is a good idea.
  2. Be respectful and gallant. Dating Russian girl or Ukrainian lady is not rocket science. All women love their date to act like a gentleman. You don’t need to do something over the top, as little things go a long way. Just hold the door, show up with lovely flowers, and your date will have a great start. But note if you are going to buy a bouquet, do not buy an even number of flowers. In Russia and Ukraine, even numbers of flowers are only appropriate for funerals. Besides, stay away from yellow bloom, as they are break-up flowers, and red carnations are reserved for war veterans.

Dating a Russian woman

  1. Be clear of your intentions. Knowing what you want from your date might seem quite obvious, but it only seems that way. In reality, deciding if the girl you like is a suitable partner for you is not that simple. Make the intentions clear for yourself first (maybe you see your future wife or mother of your kids, or perhaps you just want to have fun and see what happens), and then make sure that you are on the same page.
  2. Take charge. In Russian and Ukrainian dating culture, women expect men to be in control, and not too many are looking for a partner who will just stand back or go with the flow. They tend to appreciate men who are assertive and are not afraid to make decisions. Being wishy-washy is a failing tactic. So just speak up if you want to go somewhere or do something in particular. Being honest is a strength that is highly appreciated by Slavic beauties.

Survival guide on Ukrainian and Russian brides dating

  • Regardless of age, Ukrainian and Russian ladies are always young. That is why when you’re addressing a woman you don’t know, there is only one appropriate term — “devushka,” which means “young woman.” Any other form could be seen as an insult, even if the woman is in her late fifties.
  • Pay the bill — In Ukraine and Russia, a woman expects you to take care of the bill on dates, even when she is technically the one that invited you. Splitting the bill might be the option in the US or France, but your Slavic girl will only think you’re a cheapskate. As a well-mannered person, she will offer to pay her share, but you cannot accept that under any circumstances.
  • Always carry the bags. Gorgeous Slavic girls can lift hard things in the gym to have impressive figures, but shopping bags is something that you must care about. Feminism is left at home when they go to a grocery store. Ideally, make sure that your girl is carrying nothing except her purse.
  • Shower your girl with attention. Ukrainian and Russian beauties are used to male chivalry, and they will expect it from you. Nothing too tricky, but just opening doors and just making an effort for her to be comfortable is a winning strategy.
  • Slavic beauties are allowed to be late regardless of the event – well, it’s practically a law. You’ll get used to her being fashionably late but take it easy 10-15 min is basically right on time according to Ukrainian and Russian dating cultures.

Being aware of the peculiarities of Ukrainian and Russian dating customs is always helpful for building a healthy and happy relationship. But at the end of the day, you are looking for genuine Russian, and Ukrainian women for dating that will appreciate you for you. That is why our biggest tip is being honest and not pretending to be something you are not.

Feel like you’re ready to fall in love with a fantastic Ukrainian or Russian girl? What are you waiting for? Contact Kamila Agency today to find your perfect match!