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The woman who grew up without a father

A very sensitive topic for many women. And the most interesting thing is that it does not depend on age. This applies to both a teenager at the age of 17 and 45-year-old women who did not have a man in the house as a child. It may even be when dad was in the family, but emotionally he never was. His presence was only physical.

Numerous studies show how much the image of a father influences the future relationships of a woman and a family.

We will not go into details, there are different situations. Let's just say that as a child, the girl did not have proper fatherly care and love.

What are the consequences:

◘ A woman in the future is looking for older men. She transfers the image of her father to an experienced, strong man who will give her that reliability, calmness and the shoulder that she so needed. Very often it can be a much older man.

◘ A woman does not understand the role of her husband at home, in the family, in her life, because she already copes with everything alone. She thinks that she can play a relationship, spend some time with a partner and go to her comfort zone, or she generally thinks that men are for some other women, but definitely not for her. She alone is very good. And she sincerely does not understand why she should adapt to some kind of person and accept his "features" if she feels normal even without him.

◘ A woman may be hyperactive in a sexual relationship. With sex, she tries to get the attention of a man. She aaaaa with everyone with whom only she can and at the moment of this she feels necessary and protected.

◘ A woman does everything alone and understands that this is completely normal. She really got used to doing this since childhood. Girls who grow up in the love and care of dads accept the help of their husbands absolutely normally, it is normal for them to ask for something and be a weak princess. And they don't feel that they should do something for the fact that the man just helped her in something.

Of course, this is not about everyone. But there are certain statistics and trends confirmed by psychologists. And the phenomenon is really common among women.

What to do?

☑️First of all, understand it. Feel the problem internally. Someone to work with a psychologist, someone on their own. After all, frankly admitting the problem is already half of the solution.

☑️Second, a lot of communication with men. Normal and friendly communication, which does not commit you to anything. Surround yourself with men, study their psychology, understand that they differ in many ways from women and take these differences normally.

☑️ Third, talk more about yourself, sometimes about your problems. But that doesn't mean that you put all the variety 💩 that you have on everyone at once. Talk about normal problems, everyday, simple, preferably not related to money.

Learn to be a girl with male friends. A lot of communication!!!

And more important! A real girl is used to both guardianship and the opposite, to the fact that a man can sometimes be strict and try to forbid something. This should also be treated normally. This is masculine nature, at these moments he feels himself in charge, and he really needs it. Therefore, you need to be able to perceive everything normally, and if it is difficult, then at least show that you agree 100% with your husband.

A woman's wisdom is the key to her happy life.