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About divorced women

You know very well that the mentality in Ukraine is very different. I want to tell a little about divorced Ukrainian women.

Can you imagine, scientists have come to the conclusion that women who are married for the third time are much happier than those who live in their first or second marriage.

This does not take into account girls who from childhood had the right model of the family, where the father loved his mother and daughter and made them as happy as possible. In this case, she basically immediately selects the right partner (often similar to her father).

But unfortunately in the post-Soviet space, psychological problems are most often passed down from generation to generation. And this also applies to relationships in the family, where the wrong model of relationships is built.

So, leaving such families, girls mostly enter into painful relationships that resonate with the behavioral model and character traits of their parents. But there is a plus - the woman has passed the first stage of her re-education and will continue to pass by such gentlemen on the tenth road.

Often from such relations she quickly passes to a quiet harbor where the man is good, quiet, family. There she comes to her senses and removes all the toxins that have accumulated after the first painful relationship. But time passes and he begins to understand that there is no love, in fact, this man is like a band-aid that healed previous wounds. It is also not easy to get out of such a relationship, because he is good, our society will not understand. And she will sit in those relationships, learn to build relationships, work on them, improve the skills of a good wife. Everyone around will say - honey, well, what kind of love, what is love? And she will think, this is truth, everyone lives like that. Many people remain in this relationship, and someone in them suffocates and still decides to be happy.

The third man is the luckiest - already passed all the stages and received a diploma of a wonderful wife. By entering into this marriage, she knows exactly what she wants from her husband and relationship. And there must be all the components - love, his good attitude and willingness to build a warm, high relationship. Because if not, what is the point of them?

Of course, everything is individual, there are those who learn quickly and they had enough of one unhappy marriage. In any case, if she is divorced more than once, there is no need to be afraid, she is potentially a very good future wife:-)