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Bad signs in dating

A few signs that indicate that the woman is not particularly interested in you:
☑️ She often postpones, reschedules, and cancels dates. Of course, there are different situations in life, but if you see that this is constantly repeated, then she has a weak interest in the development of your relationship.
☑️ She makes an appointment after training, for example, without really thinking about her appearance. This is a bad sign, because when a woman is in love, she wants to be very beautiful in order to charm her man. A date for her is a special event for which she carefully prepares.
☑️ She responds to your messages for a long time and does not want to communicate via video communication if you are at a distance. Of course, this is normal on weekdays, and there may be a time difference. But there are days off and if a woman is interested, she will want to develop communication, see her chosen one and hear a voice pleasant to her heart.
☑️ Your communication has not made any progress and revolves only around standard questions, such as: How are you? How was your day?
She ignores your questions and has no particular interest in your life.
☑️ She does not open, does not introduce friends, meets in places that are the most unpopular in the city. This means that she is hiding you from her surroundings. This may be at the beginning of a relationship, but it’s bad if, over time, the girl does not want to make you a part of her social life.
☑️ In a conversation about the future, you clearly see that you are not in her plans. She dreams of moving to another city, changing jobs, career. But there is no room for relationships and family.
The most important conclusion that I made is that relations should be easy, there should be mutual interest and desire for development. If this is not the case, I think it is not worth wasting your precious time on someone who is not yours...