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Do women want relationships with older men?

Do women want relationships with older men?

If the age difference between partners is within 10 years, such a relationship may well be successful and strong - since both partners belong to the same generation. But the difference is higher - a potential time bomb, because in this case it will be more difficult to seek mutual understanding, even if everything was great at the beginning of the relationship. After all, a big age difference often means a different view of familiar things, as well as relationships. In addition, partners may have different expectations for each other.

What is the main motivation for women to enter into such a relationship?

One of the reasons - is the man's money. She wants financial stability, luxury life. If he is famous, then also enter in his social circle, meet influential people. But this is not about love. If a man does not harbor illusions and understands that he is just buying her time, then this can be called mutually beneficial barter. This type of relationship suits a couple, they are satisfied with everything.
But unfortunately, a man does not always understand the true motives of a woman and this can hurt him very much in the end.

Often women, on a subconscious level, “act out” destructive parent-child scenarios in such relationships. When she is looking for a father in older men. Such unions are also created not on love, but on moral trauma. And when the girl grows emotionally, she will go to look for her beloved man, and not "daddy".

First of all, the emotional maturity of partners affects how harmoniously the relationship will develop, and it does not depend on the number in the passport. If two mature people who have managed to realize themselves have decided to unite in a pair, then, most likely, between them there really is a real spiritual unity, harmony, mutual understanding, and the ability to constructively resolve conflicts, support each other. In this case, the age difference does not matter, if there are really big feelings, this is a conscious choice made for love. But let's face it - this happens very rarely! Mostly women choose men in their age range.

I think men who only consider women who are much younger than him, first of all need to ask themselves the question - why? This is not a healthy desire, which is also based on some kind of moral trauma, complexes, compensation. In 99% of cases, this is a losing option. Do you want to tempt fate and try to get into that 1%?

Personally, I want to see more happy couples who, together because they love each other, have the same values, experiences, outlook on life and sincerely enjoy each other!