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First date tips

First date is always so exciting and unpredictable...

Even if you met online, through dating sites or a matchmaker and talked for a while, a real meeting is new discoveries and emotions. After all, now you hear her voice, see her smile and eyes, feel her scent. You can never predict how everything will turn out and whether you want to meet a second time. But you can do anything to leave a good impression of yourself.

  • Of course, the first thing we pay attention to is the appearance. I'm not saying that you need to wear a tailcoat and a bow tie, but your clothes should be clean and tidy. Well-groomed shoes and a good cologne are very important, for a man it is like a visiting card.
  • Be sure to come on time and with flowers, any girl will appreciate this gesture. This is a sign of attention and good upbringing. When a man behaves gallantly, next to him a woman reveals her femininity and tenderness.
  • First, be sure to compliment the girl, this will give her self-confidence and your communication will start from a positive and pleasant note.
  • Try to be as natural as possible, simple and smile a lot.
  • You should not talk about past unsuccessful romances and even more unpleasant to talk about previous partners. The woman may think that if you fail, you will speak about her the same way. This shows not the best side of character.
  • Do not touch on the topic of religion, politics and former relationships. Choose lighter, more casual conversation topics on your first date.
  • Put the phone aside and preferably put it in vibration mode. It's bad form to be in a restaurant with a girl and be distracted by the phone at the same time.
  • Be sure to pay the bill yourself, for a Ukrainian girl this is one of the indicators of a real man who is ready to take care of his girlfriend in the future.
  • Be gallant, open the door in front of your lady, help her dress up and be sure to take her home. Girls love gentlemen.

If you follow these simple rules, you will make a good impression anyway. This does not mean that love will break out between you, but good memories will definitely remain!