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Gangster party * Flirt Mafia *

On March 20, was the Gangster party * Flirt Mafia * from the marriage agency * Kamila * and * Mafia Club Invest *. Incredibly beautiful, elegant, stylish ladies and gentlemen. Almost everyone respected the dress code, and it was amazing as if you were really immersed in the atmosphere of the thirties ... The incredible mood, the hot, emotional mafia ... like skin crawl... 

The melody of the evening was the performance by our unrivaled and bright singer, Kate Gryaznovoy. She lit the audience and the hearts of the guests. 

Well, the most pleasant to us, just as cupids, is that by the way of secret voting coincided with 4 pairs! Great result! 

We look forward to our next party, which will take place on May 15th. There will be lots of interesting things, but details will be revealed later ... 

We keep an intrigue🥰