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How do you recognize your love?

How do you recognize your love?

The most common problem in relationships through which couples subsequently part - is that we initially choose a person who does not suit us at all. Because of the fear of loneliness or with the confidence that I can change, reshape, cure this person. This is a deliberately losing option.

You need to create an alliance with someone like you - in status, values, upbringing, temperament, worldview, plans for the future and the pace with which you move through life.

Two adults, self-sufficient people + willingness to work on relationships = perfect union

An incredibly important criterion by which it is initially clear whether this person is suitable for you or not is how free you feel with him(her). You can be yourself, express yourself, your feelings without fear of being misunderstood, rejected, abandoned.

The most harmonious and happy couples unanimously repeat - I initially felt myself with him (her) as if we had known each other for a thousand years, I felt comfortable and calm. It feels like I'm finally HOME.

You want to take care of this person.

As for me, the ideal designation of WHAT IS LOVE is the DESIRE TO SERVE HUMAN INDELESSLY and not expect anything in return. You just want to please him(her) so that him(her) smiles. Him(her) happiness makes you insanely happy. You really want to share your joy and the first thing you think about when you hear a funny joke or see a cool movie is to tell that him(her) laugh too.

You have no desire to change something in this person, even his flaws seem nice to you. Whatever happens, you support and protect each other. Your couple is like a fortress that no one can destroy!

Anyone can have such a relationship if they grow up, take responsibility for their lives and wait for the right person...