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It is important to make a clear request!

I often tell clients in the column "Tell us about your desired partner" to write the clearest possible answer. This is not even done for me, but so that they themselves understand what kind of woman they want to meet, and if they never thought about it, they immediately started doing it. It's hard to get something without knowing exactly what you really want. This applies to everything. And when applying to the universe, it is important to take into account all the nuances so as not to fail in the system:-)

I remember once we sat with friends in the restaurant, and of course one of the favorite topics - men. I was lonely then and told them what kind of partner I want to see next to me: character traits, attitude to me and life, ambitions, goals, well, in general, I was not stingy on wishes :-) Then I forgot about this conversation, just always clear imagined what I want. As they say, make a wish and let it go. When I met my husband, one of my friends said - well, well, you can formulate requests, everything came together :-) It was a shock and a revelation for me, then I intuitively began to understand that it works, and then read a lot of literature on this topic.

I came up with a kind of formula for myself - to know clearly and in detail what you want and make room for it. As they say, if you want new shoes, get rid of the old one. This is the law of emptiness. If you are in an incomprehensible relationship, love triangles, etc., you are not open to your love. It should be thrown away like garbage, sharply and without pity. There is always a choice, whether to live at full brightness or in half-tones. It is important to be able to let go of what is in order for what you really want to appear. We have what we allow ourselves to have!