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Jealousy in a relationship

In fact, healthy jealousy is even needed in a stable relationship to fuel feelings of love and passion. But when it becomes pathological, it can destroy even the strongest union ...

I'm not talking about cases when jealousy is really justified and the partner takes actions that force fear, distrust and doubt. In this case, the question must be asked - is such a relationship necessary at all?

But when such thoughts are unfounded, then we are talking about basic anxiety, low self-esteem, caused by various psychological problems.

A person does not believe that he can be loved unconditionally, accepted as he is. It seems to him that he is not good enough, handsome, successful, smart, etc. And in order to calm this anxiety, he takes control of the life of another person.

This fear prompts you to look for a catch in a relationship until it finds it. Even if it's just a figment of the imagination ...

Basically, vulnerable spot of a jealous person becomes a trigger for jealousy. For example, if a girl thinks that she has not an attractive figure, then all the girls surrounded by men who, in her opinion, have the best forms, will cause a feeling of jealousy. And after all, in this case, you need to work on self-esteem, acceptance of your body, in the gym at worst, but not blow up your partner's brain!

Also ardent jealous are self-centered people who consider their partner their property. Moreover, often due to the fact that they themselves are polygamous, they project this behavior onto their partner, attributing their own inclinations.

And we all know that we attract what we think so much about. Over time, a person, feeling their partner's low self-esteem, may actually start comparing him to other people. What we are afraid of, it overtakes us ...

t is important to be able to communicate frankly with your partner about your feelings.

Learn to control your thoughts and be able to switch them - let's say, find an exciting hobby that will grab all the attention and distract from negative thoughts.

And of course, develop, work on your self-esteem, self-education and self-worth!