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NO GUARANTEES! By and large, the agency does not marry, but acquaints with potential candidates, has access to a database of men and women, organizes dates. Whether they continue to communicate is everyone's personal business.

The agency is an additional chance, an opportunity to meet interesting people, expand the circle of acquaintances, make new friends around the world.

You can’t come here, register a profile, sit and wait for you to find a prince or princess. It is important to use all the opportunities that life provides, be active, develop, learn, play sports, and improve yourself. Then you will be attracted to interesting and worthy personalities.

For example, you enrolled in English courses, come to the first lesson, and there he (she) sits, your half. After all, you never know where you will meet that one.

And by the way, the question is for girls who want to meet a foreign man, but do not know the language. How are you going to communicate with your chosen one? With gestures? In this case, you need to learn English like air!

Or a question for men who dream to get acquainted with a beautiful fit blonde, but at the same time they can’t get to the gym. Do you think this beauty really wants to see next to her 100 kilograms of beauty and charisma ??

We attract what we deserve. And if no one or not the one who wanted next to you - then this is a question first of all to you - what are you DOING WRONG, what your thoughts and actions have led you to this person or situation.

Our specialists cannot lead fate, they just have access to a potential database of grooms and brides, can help them meet with mutual interest, but they cannot force someone to pay attention to your person if it does not cause interest.
But they can help you start working on yourself so that this interest grows in the opposite sex.

Our leading matchmaker and coach Elena Dolinskaya provides personal training for everyone who wants to meet their soul mate. Be it with the help of an agency or with the help of that magnetism that wakes up in you and attracts the opposite sex. Each of us must have a choice in order to choose a worthy candidate to own your heart!

With love
Kamila Agency