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Maybe need to go to a psychologist?

Fortunately, we have long since come out of the time when going to a psychologist was a strange fact and similar to the presence of mental problems. And all because people who have understood the benefits of this see a colossal effect on themselves and feel how their lives are radically changing.

You go with one problem or question, and you leave, realizing that the problems lie in completely different things. Your emotional and psychological state, hidden wounds and blocks affect absolutely everything in your life:

• diseases that seem to appear from nowhere, but in fact are the cause of your traumas, fears, thoughts, states, faith or doubts, insecurity, resentment, regret, anger, unworked grief, betrayal, etc.

• any dependencies;

• excess weight;

• relationship with a loved one, parents, children, or lack of these relationships;

• attitude towards yourself and your life. Understanding what is true and what is valuable in your life and what is just like this;

• financial position.

The most common thing that you can hear: I know everything myself, they will not tell me anything new; I have no money for this; It will be difficult for me to open up completely, I am afraid or shy.

The person who says I know everything myself and doing nothing, this means that he does not know how to do it right and needs help. A fully fulfilled, happy person knows how to listen and can hear everyone and benefit from any thought, and especially from the thought of a person from the outside - this is very valuable!

A mentally healthy person normally accepts criticism and is ready to learn always and from everyone. And he will be grateful for the frankness. A person who is afraid of the truth and is afraid of being “under” in the eyes of others will say: “oh .. who is this to teach me? And I know all this myself. I have already read so many books and attended seminars that I can teach anyone myself ”.

Money spent on changing the quality of your life and on the inner transformation of yourself is your best investment. You will not regret a single penny ever.

And about being frank - this is really the most difficult thing... The most difficult thing is to be frank with yourself and pull out all 💩that has been living with you for many years. This is always done very painfully. But only then will there be an effect. This pain is worth it!

Although this is not for everyone...

Someone deliberately agrees to bury in themselves and hide far away all their wounds and live an ordinary life and his norms.

They block feelings in themselves because they are afraid of pain. But by blocking pain, you can likewise miss out on the best emotions in life, which are impossible without breaking that block.

And someone is not afraid and strives to change everything for the better at any cost, to become a fully happy person and to raise all areas of their life to the maximum level.

Live your emotions environmentally. Don't run away from them - cry, rejoice, get angry, love. Otherwise, you will not live but pretend to be life...