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Types of relationships

Which pairs are the strongest? Is it better to find a partner similar to yourself or the exact opposite? Well, our work gives us the opportunity to analyze many family stories, many types of relationships and, of course, divorce. Thanks to the statistics of Kamila Agency, some conclusions can be drawn.

Let's start with a couple called: "Strong man + soft and flexible woman" 

Couples get along better, where a strong man who is a breadwinner, conqueror, winner and a soft complaisant woman who is ready to follow her beloved.

When a man is in a resourceful state and rising, during the period of his success, she will reap the benefits of this and enjoy his attention to her, because when a man has won a victory, he has time for love and tenderness, and at this time he is the best and an attentive lover. And at the moments of his battle and solving problems, he simply does not physically or morally have enough time for love, and a wise and flexible woman understands everything, abstracts from this and waits for a prosperous period for her lover.

What does a strong and ambitious woman who also lives in a “fight-win” regime with such a person do?

She just boils with anger: “How can he not pay attention to me? He can't behave like that with me! 

Therefore, the male winners, "real man" are mostly with women who are gentle, kind and patient wives, who can wait for him faithfully and forgive, close their eyes to many things that women priestesses have never closed their eyes to.

It often happens that strong successful women attract weaker men who will love her, listen to her and admire her.

This type of relationship can be called "Cleopatra + sane and calm person" Often such women are comfortable with a softer man.

There is another version of the relationship, my favorite, "Successful woman + successful man" This is a very rare type of relationship and extremely powerful and long lasting.

To reach this level, it is necessary to invest well in their development both for a man and a woman. He has no complexes, he is successful, happy and strives for healthy relationships, and is firmly convinced that he is worthy of the best woman !!!And such a woman will always understand when he is headlong into a new project and will never reproach him with a lack of attention, but, on the contrary, will support him, regardless of whether he is defeated or won. 

Everyone in life has something to which they agrees and what they wants. No more, no less. We have in life exactly as much as we want...