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What do women want?

As a very good writer John Gray writes - Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. And this is really true. We are very different and have different needs in relationships.

What is important for men: to feel like a hero, to be needed, to feel support and loyalty, to have freedom and of course good sex. For a woman, the basic needs are slightly different. And it is very important to learn understand each other in order to build harmonious relationships in the future.

And if you think that the most important thing for women is a pumped-up body and a good bank account, then you are very wrong! 

The first thing a woman needs - to feel safety and reliability. So that your words coincide with your deeds. So that she is confident in your intentions, trusting and feeling calm next to you. So that she always knew that she in a good hands, the man would give her the protection that  she needed, both - materially and spiritually.

The second - is emotional connection and intimacy. You are men - logicians, everything is simple for you. We are very emotional and sensitive individuals. It is important for us that a man can listen, give advice, be interested in our feelings and be not indifferent to what is happening in our life. We are looking for a faithful friend who is always on our side, who will hug tightly when we cry and laugh with us when we are happy. For us, emotions and communication are an opportunity to establish the close contact that we need so much.

The third thing a woman needs like air - is compliments. We try to be the most beautiful and well-groomed for you guys. A woman wants to understand that for her man she is the most amazing, beautiful and sexy. It is important to tell her about this constantly, at any opportunity. Show how sexy she is, how you wants her, how she excites your mind. Otherwise, this flower will fade without your admiration.

The fourth thing I want to talk about - is the attention of a man to a woman. She wants to understand that she is important to her man, that he wants to spend time with her, that he is interested in her. Allocate at least 1 time per week to spend that day with her. Come up with some kind of joint entertainment, event. This brings you closer and does not allow the flame of your love to die out.

And the last thing I want to talk about is praise. A woman reveals her femininity in caring for a man and their children. About making the house cozy and tasty. And it is very important to praise her for what she does for you, for how she tries for you, how delicious she cooks and what a wonderful mother and wife she is. This is a powerful motivator for her to be even better. 

Love woman with all your heart, try for her, study her psychology and believe me from this you will become much happier, more successful and even richer. After all, if a woman is happy, the whole family is thriving!