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What kind of person do you need to marry?

The person you need to marry ➡️

The most dearest person with whom you can marry in your life, have the best, deepest relationships ... This person is you yourself.

Marriage with yourself is an alliance in which you vow to love yourself in any condition, in any form, with 2 diplomas or without, with a successful business or not, with a loved one or for a long time without a relationship, with inseparable parts of the body (in your opinion), with a personal car and housing, or without it, healthy or sick, and in grief and joy, in wealth and poverty, and for life!

When you are on a date and at the moment you are not trying to do everything to please a man, but simply enjoy your feelings and your condition, because you know that the most important person who likes you is yourself.

To be angry, to envy or blame someone, because someone’s life doesn’t seem right to you and you condemn this person at some points, be vindictive and have some kind of negative attitude to many things or people, feel injustice, etc. All this is characteristic of those people who cannot be in harmonious relations with themselves.

Getting married with yourself is when you reach such a state, when you become unable to experience such feelings. All you have is a feeling that you are full and full here and now, and this feeling does not depend on anything that happens outside, never, under any circumstances. From the moment when you accept yourself truly and forever, and you accept other people .. so different and sometimes incomprehensible to you. But you sincerely rejoice for them and never compare with yourself, because nothing is the same, so ... banal, but we are all different.

Fall in love with yourself for real! Work primarily on your relationships, with yourself, and only then relationships with your wife, children, relatives, friends and colleagues.
And then you can make people close to you really happy and give them more than you can even imagine!